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Casa degli Spiriti
When arriving with in Marechiaro, park your scooter at Chiesa Santa Maria del Faro (pin on the map) and then take the stairs down to the sea. After the first ramp of stairs you will reach the piazzetta, where there is another set of stairs from where you will be facing the sea with Capri on the background. Get down them, take the right and continue straight. You will end up in a small beach. To get right next to Casa degli Spiriti, you have to pass below the platform and reach the opposite side. A little climb on the rocks (there is something similar to a stair carved in the rocks) will get you to the final place. Have fun! An easier way to the get to the sea is to opt for Lo Scoglione.
Lo Scoglione
To get to Lo Scoglione, take the left after the first set of stairs. Once down, a quick boat ride will take you to the place. Price for the boat ride is 5€ for return trip. If Lo Scoglione is too crowded, you can ask the boatman to drop you to Acque Minerali.
Acque Minerali
Acque Minerali is located in the Baia delle Rocce Verdi, a wonderful scenery. When going here make sure to take with you everything you need, like water, food and music.

You will be able to get to Marechiaro and back on a single charge.