See how it
all began

We love our city, we love to explore it fast and fun 
with our scooters and bicycles.

We are in love with

The Gulf

We started our business with the desire of letting people explore this beautiful piece of land.

Exploring is easier on a two-wheeler

Dribble traffic easily. Go wherever you want without having to worry about getting stuck.

It is not only about  the rental

We would love you to get the best out of your time here. Don’t be afraid to ask for suggestions on where to go. We love helping out our clients.

Different types of vehicles to suit your needs. Your your needs.

From E-bike to 300cc scooters, we have them all.


Choose your vehicle and enjoy Naples

11 vehicles available

24 hours / 365 days available

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Beautiful City to Enjoy

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us

Contact us to ask about our vechicles, pick up and drop off times, location and anything else you need.