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Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions we get

1) What are the requirements to rent a scooter?

You need to have a valid driver’s license, an ID other than the driver’s license (National ID or Passport) and a credit card for the guarantee.

2) What documents do I need to present to rent a scooter?

On pick up day, you will be asked to show the driver’s license, ID, and credit card.

3) What is the minimum age to rent a scooter?

The minimum age to rent a scooter is 18 years old..

4) Is there a mileage limit in scooter rentals?

There is no mileage (km) limit on rental.

5) Is there an option to get full insurance on the scooter?

We do not offer full insurance to the scooter as we want you to be careful during the rental. However, we give an option to reduce franchige to a lower amount on some scooters.

6) Can I go to Amalfi and Positano with the scooter?

Yes, you can go to Amalfi and Positano. Also with a 125cc. Keep in mind that 125cc scooter cannot go on the highway (only 150cc upwards can), so you will have to do the normal route. Doing the normal route isn’t too much of an issue and it doesn’t take much longer, with some people even preferring it to the highway.

7) What is the fuel policy?

Fuel policy is full to full. If the tank is not full upon pick up, you will be asked to return the scooter with the same level of gas as it was given.

8) How are damages and fines handled during the rental?

Every scooter has a franchige which is the amount you are responsible for in case of damages to the scooter. Franchige varies per scooter, and is always the same amount of the security deposit. Damages for an amount above the franchige are always covered by the insurance.

Fines are debted to your credit card upon reception in addition to 25€ + 22% VAT administration fees.

We always give a thorough explanation on how to avoid getting fines, however we cannot always be with you during your trip, so it is important to pay attention to the signs and limitations.

9) What is the minimum and maximum rental duration?

There is no minimum or maximum duration for the rental. Rental prices however is daily and it cannot be split into hours.

10) What happens in case of scooter breakdown?

We always give road assistance in case of a scooter breakdown during your trip.

11) What is the refund policy?

Cancellation policy is usually full refund if cancelling up to 48 hours before pickup. For some scooter types, cancellation may be 72 hours before pickup. The cancellation policy for each scooter is stated on the scooter page.

12) I want my scooter to be delivered

No problems at all! Select the delivery area upon placing the booking, you can select airport or train station as predetermined delivery areas while

13) Where is the meeting point at the airport / train station?

We always send all the information via whatsapp 1 or 2 days before pick up day. Anyways, the meeting point at the airport is outside the arrival’s terminal, while the meeting point at the train station is just in front of the station entrance.

14) Can I park the scooter in the street safely?

All our scooters are equipped with security locks and gps tracking systems, so yes, you can park the scooter in the street safely even at night.

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