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Leonard WenderothLeonard Wenderoth
13:00 15 Feb 22
very Good service, super nice guys! we could rent without problems, very fast and easy. 10/10 would recommend!
Jaap AndringaJaap Andringa
10:13 14 Feb 22
Gilberto is very friendly and helpfull, if you want to know soms good places to go, he can tell you everything. Also paperwork was quick and easy and scooter was clean and worked well. It is located with a nice hostel with a cozy garden as well.
Martin VaidisMartin Vaidis
22:37 21 Nov 21
Glad to have found this place. Scooter was like new, paperwork quick, and price more than reasonable. Mobile phone holder is a big plus.Guys, don't waste your money on the bake-sharing apps when in Naples and certainly not on taxi cabs. This small (electric) scooter rental is all you can wish for to move around the city during non-rainy days. Paperwork took about 5 minutes, the guys renting it spoke perfect English, showed how to operate the scooter, and even offered assistance in case something happened.The scooter is fast enough (up to 70 km/h) and the battery gave us about 70 km of travel distance on full charge. The owner made sure we're ok two times while we were away, and his approach overall was something that made our entire trip to Italy a bit better.We called beforehand, but the guys renting the scooter said they're there from 8am until night (scooter had to be back until 9pm). Just make sure you're getting a fully charged scooter or that you have a place where to charge it (it goes in a standard 220V socket and has its own, maybe two meters long cable under the seat).
Giovanni FantiniGiovanni Fantini
17:55 19 Nov 21
Cheap, easy, comfortable, ecofriedly. A perfect way to explore the beauties of Naples. Recommended!

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