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Option 1  Marechiaro (ZTL Warning)

  • Go Here
  • Order pizza and ask the pizzeria to cut it, get drinks and napkins too.
  • Then walk down the stairs and choose your ideal place, you can get right by the sea if you go all the way down the stairs.




Option 2 Baia di San pietro ai due Frati

  • Go Here
  • Get pizza, or any other food (there are several food shops in the area, some offer take away pasta or sandwich and panini).
  • Then Go Here  and walk down the stairs. You will end up in a little bay with the sea in front of you.
  • Beware: this place is literally in front of the sea, only go if the weather is good and the sea is calm.

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Viewpoint 1 Serpentone di via Petrarca

Viewpoint 2 Le tredici discese

Viewpoint 3 Giuseppone a Mare (ZTL warning)

Viewpoint 4 Mergellina

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There are several maradona Murales in the city

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  • Go here and park your scooter
  • Then walk here (ZTL WARNING) you should see a kayak rental place. Ask to rent a kayak for the day.
  • Make sure to bring with you water and food (you can buy these at the kayak shop, the owner’s wife Giulia cooks daily delicacies).
  • Ask the kayak guys to give you a waterproof container where you can store your valuables. Leave all the remaining stuff that cannot get wet (shoes, clothes etc.) at the kayak shop. 
  • The kayak guys will place the kayak on the shore for you.
  • When you are set to go, with the beach behind you, you shall go left and kayak 30 minutes in that direction.
  • Weather is crucial in this: if the sea is calm and windless, this is an easy task. However, with strong winds and high seas, do not attempt this experience.
  • The beach you are attempting to go is this one make sure to have a look and that you have an idea of your surroundings before starting to kayak
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Useful info

Parco Virgiliano

From this park you will be able to see the entirety of the two gulf that touch Naples, the gulf of Naples and the gulf of Bagnoli.

Parco di Capodimonte

This park is the largest park of the city, once being the King’s hunting playground. The palace is now a beautiful museum while the hunting playground is a beautiful park.

Parco la Floridiana

Located on the hill of Vomero, this urban park features an amazing terrace on the inner gulf of Naples.

Marechiaro ZTL WARNING

Gaiola marine reserve ZTL WARNING – RESERVATION MANDATORY TO ACCESS THE BEACH to access the beach you can register for free here

Lido Sirena free entrance to the beach, open until 17:00