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Since you’re here.. you could now pay a visit to the Shrine of the Virgin of the rosary of Pompei, a beautiful and not so chased by tourists Cathedral of baroque style located in the town of Pompei. The church is located here

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Gabriele in Vico Equense, is easily one of the best ice-cream shops of the region. Since you’re now in Pompei, well, why not drive to one of the best icream-shops that’s only 20min away? Go here

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Generical info about Pompeii

Visiting the Archeological Park usually takes 3-5 hours and it is strongly advised to hire a guide to appreciate what the park has to offer in full.

More info on Pompeii: http://pompeiisites.org/en/ 

How to get to Pompeii: if you are on a 125cc scooter make sure to opt for no highway no tolls option on google maps, and choose the route that passes closer to the sea (not the route that goes behind mt. Vesuvius).

It is named after the hall of mysteries located in the residential part of the building, which faces the sea. A large continuous fresco that covers three walls, one of the most well preserved ancient paintings, depicts a mysterious rite that is reserved for the devotees of the cult. The scene is linked with Dionysus, who appears on the central wall with his wife, Ariadne.

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