Often less regarded than the Amalfi Coast, this area has just as many beautiful sightings and scenery.Check out the Archeological Museum of Baia which hosts a stunning collection of the findings of this area, already inhabited by Greek with the prosperous colony of Cumae, before becoming the main military port of the Roman Empire. The collection in this museum is stunning and definitely worth a visit! The archeological Museum is located inside the Castle of Baia

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Piscine Naturali Terme di Baia is a thermal center with 5 pools of natural spring waters located just in the center of Bacoli. There is an entrance fee, you can find more info by calling the activity directly.

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Hop down in Bacoli, where you can admire the stunning remains of the Temple of Diana with one of the largest domes still remaining today partially intact, and down in the Marina Grande the “Agrippina Tomb” which in reality was a Theater facing the gulf and mount Vesuvius.


For an even more amazing view, reach the lighthouse of Capo Miseno and walk the trail that reaches the top of the hill. As a reward for the walk (which takes 20 minutes), you will get a stunning 360° view on the gulf, the islands of Ischia and Procida, the Bacoli and Miseno lakes, and the bay of Pozzuoli. Watching the sunset from there? Try it!